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Cream Cherry Pie


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Order Cream Cherry Pie Strain (Description)

Order Cream Cherry Pie Strain is an accomplished hybrid obtained by crossing  Grand Daddy Purple vs.  Durban Poison. It is strong yet low in THC. This bud is well-known for its aromatic smell, which combines sweet and tart cherries to create an enticing blend of scents that will make your mouth wet. Order Cream Cherry Pie Strain


Even on the inhale, the sweetness of this aromatic combination is noticeable. cream cherry pie strain tastes like smoked cherries with a delicious earthiness that leaves your tongue with a sticky-sweet aftertaste. The flavor of this bud is moderate, but its undertones of berries may make for a really enjoyable smoking experience.

Medicinal Uses 

Patients suffering from stress and anxiety symptoms might discover restored peace of mind with this beneficial combination. Cherry Pie, unlike other indica-dominant strains, offers a sativa-like uplifting euphoria, which is why it is frequently given to depression sufferers.

This aromatic strain has been successfully used to treat a variety of pain problems. PMS, muscular tension, headaches, migraines, and other chronic or mild illnesses have all been successfully treated with even low dosages of this combination, which can help alleviate the severity of the symptoms and aches.

Side Effects Cream Cherry Pie Strain

Cherry Pie can cause cottonmouth, making your mouth feel dry and make you feel somewhat dehydrated. This is frequently accompanied by the unpleasant sensation of having dry eyes

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