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Sour Diesel – Half Pound

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High Quality Sour Diesel

THC: 21%

High Quality Sour Diesel
High Quality Sour Diesel

High Quality Sour Diesel popularly known as Sour D. is famous among the masses. It is a sativa dominant strain. The diesel-like smell of its flowers makes it easy to distinguish this strain. Sour Diesel is recommended for recreational purposes. High Quality Sour Diesel  also possess some medical uses. The origins of sour diesel are not clearly known.Some believe it to have been derived from a strain simply known as diesel.

a few others claim it is a hybrid of chemdawg and northern lights. The truth is your guess is as good as ours. what neither of us can deny is how fantastic, breath taking loud, danky and unrivaled popularity the strain has come to enjoy.Sour Diesel has round buds that have greenish leaves.

The buds have an intense smell which like the name suggest is very similar to gasoline. It gives off a harsh smoke that may cause tears to smokers. The strong diesel flavour of the strain may linger for long. Smokers who wish to remain discreet are warned this is a highly pungent strain and it’s smell may linger for quite a distance.
The high from Sour diesel come quickly.It usually come in the form of a warm head rush and a noticeably uplift in mood. High Quality Sour Diesel.

THC: 21%

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6 reviews for Sour Diesel – Half Pound

  1. FhsnApary

    Easily the best sour diesel I’ve had in a decade

  2. Payobeillerie

    Top level product, very affordable with timely delivery. definitely coming back for more

  3. Leoma

    Alot of the reviews rate as a 5 star on Buybudstore So I got some Sour Diesel. It wasn’t as mind blowing as I expected. It wasn’t bad either. I guess my expectations were just too high due to all the 5 star rating lol.

  4. Kevly K.

    Mind-blowing high while you try to ponder the meaning of life but you’ll forget where you are because you feel great. Sour Diesel easily does it for me

  5. THC Colorado

    Quality was top class, will definitely knock your ass off. Beginner should avoid this. I’ll definitely get ya🤣

  6. Jayden King

    $500 for such high quality is such a no brainer. You guys absolutely rock! I’ll definitely get more this month end.

    • tcube

      Thanks for the kind comments guys we do our best to give you guys the best

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