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Due to problems face by customers relating to delivery of their orders, buybuds online store is giving a full garantee 100% of promt, secure and discreet delivery for all your orders to the provided address. Our packages are shipped with USPS, UPS, and FedEx. All orders are shipped in plain brown boxes which are tripple vacuum sealed to prevent any detection by canine dogs. Our aim being to provide customers with high quality medicinal and reacreational cannabis while consealing their identity.
We ship through out the united states , canada,UK, Australia, Asia and Some parts of Africa. Delivery of packages to overseases addreses normaly takes 2 to 3 days after payment confirmation
When packages are orderd in bulk, the packages are shipped in diffrent bxes to avoid big package which may attract check point attention. Buybuds online store may change packge size to suit package destination and shipping mode. Once a package is shippied the tracking number will be automatically sent to the customer to enable them track their package to delivery



How to pay with cashapp

Payments at Buybuds Online Store may be made by sending a direct payment or or by purchasing bitcoin using cashapp. Please remember to add cash to your cashapp balance from your credit card or bank account before completing the transaction for direct cash payment. For better understanding please watch the video below.

How to buy bitcoin with cashapp

Customers using cashapp may receive warning messages which are very normal especially for first time transactions. Just click continue, ignore the message and continue with payments. To better understand how to buy bitcoin on cashapp  kindly watch the video below

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