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Chemdawg 4  is a famous strain with a shaky genetic background. While it is assumed that U.S. breeders crossed Thai and Nepalese sativa landraces to create this strain, several people claim credit for its development. One narrative of a complex seed exchange among other growers at a Grateful Dead concert and another one putting the strain’s origins on a Colorado variety called Dog Bud are among Chemdawg’s genesis legends (so named for its tendency to make the smoker roll over like a dog). Chemdawg 4 has become a mainstay in the U.S. cannabis market for its distinctive taste and cheerful, energetic high, whatever its origins. The THC concentration of Chemdawg has been estimated to be between

THC: 15% to 20%.


This strain has a flavor that is quite similar to how it smells. Its spicy flavor clings on your tongue and creates an indelible memory. Chemdawg has a strong diesel taste that might sometimes make you think of chemicals. It nevertheless gives for a distinctive and enjoyable smoking experience, thanks to its pine and citrus aftertaste.

Medicinal Uses

With the usage of this strain, patients suffering from mental instabilities can get a lot of help and comfort. One of the main reasons it is frequently recommended is that it can effectively relieve the symptoms of chronic stress.

Adverse Effects

As is common with strong strains, as the impact wears off, you may feel slightly dehydrated. When smoking Chemdawg, this might cause a dry mouth sensation, which can be followed by a dry eye experience.

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