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We guarantee the safety passage of your package, all our packages are customized and diplomatic sealed packages. This means that they are custom free. We offer triple vacuum seal and stealth package on all orders so it can’t be scent detected by canine (dogs) or electronic sniffers, We do provide refunds or replace your order if there is a failure in delivering.

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A huge number of patients rely on top shelf medical marijuana to manage their ailments. But access to safe secure and high quality marijuana is often a problem. Because of this we pride ourselves in providing Safe Secure Insured Marijuana packages. All the  services required to move your package.  We move top shelf medical marijuana packages discreetly and securely.  Our experienced team is capable of navigating state borders with ease. And eventually delivering your bags to your address during the specified time frame. No questions  asked no prescriptions required.

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Accurate tracking Your always kept up to date with all the steps your package must go through till its save delivery via our secure tracking system

Our mission is therefore to provide a better quality of life to all in need of medical marijuana via our secure online market and discreet transport network


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At Buybuds Online Store, we pride ourselves in providing the best services for our customers. Some of our key parameters include but are not limited to Quality of product, delivery time frame, discretion of delivery, and finally staff response time. Here is how we have performed in these metrices

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My order has exceeded my expectations. Over the last several months, I’ve been a regular, and I’m so pleased I found a site where I could purchase from on a regular basis without any hassles. 
For years, I’ve been using cannabis to treat my severe anxiety! The arrival of Buy Buds did not.
 Customer service is excellent, and they are eager to assist and answer any of my inquiries

I’ve placed three orders with them thus far. Their prices are comparable to, if not better than, those offered elsewhere. The deliveries have always arrived on schedule! They don’t have the largest variety yet because they’re still expanding. However, what they have is sturdy and affordable.


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