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Alien OG

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 Sour Alien OG Strain  (Description)

Sour Alien OG strain is not a weak beginner strain, on the contrary. This powerful hybrid breeds the essence of the indica and alfalfa world, but relies heavily on the roots of indica. Unlike any other strain, this plant can produce a complex and pleasing mixture of exciting head height and exhilarating body height.


This smoke is very powerful and heavy, but it is smooth on the throat, with an earthy and sweet smell. Alien OG has a touch of lemon and pine wood, which makes it a fresh smoky taste, and leaves a sweet and spicy taste in the mouth, with a natural woody shock.

Medicinal Uses

Many patients’ doctors also prescribe this special pressure to relieve mental health symptoms. As we all know, alien OG helps relieve the discomfort caused by depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and hyperactivity, enriches the quality of life of patients, and enables them to function normally in daily life.

Alien OG’s well-distributed high has proven to be very useful in the medical field. It can create a relaxing effect for those who have been under chronic stress for a long time, let patients relax fully, let them let go of worrying thoughts, and relieve spasm muscles.

Side Effects Sour Alien OG 

Alien OG has some standard side effects, the most notable of which may be dry mouth and dry itchy eyes. After taking this strong stimulus, you may feel dry and dry in your mouth and need to be hydrated. In rare cases, this may sometimes cause mild dizziness. This powerful hybrid can work quickly and powerfully, and its effect may take longer than you prepare, so use it with caution. Alien OG can make some people feel slightly paranoid, but also often make them feel a little confused and have a headache when descending. Sour Alien OG Strain

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  1. Enzo P

    Alien OG is such a quality products, the service was great and delivery contactless just how I like it.👍

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