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Grape Ape


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Buy Grape Ape Strain Description 

Buy Grape Ape Strain Grape Ape strain is mostly Indica, it looks, smells and feels like its name. This one is great for night-time exercises and hence appropriate for those seeking a state of relaxation and pain free, deep and stress-free.


This strain is one smooth criminal. The fruity presence of grapes in it is quite pronounced, and the ape tastes like sweet berries and blossoms. If you want a smoke to make you think of a fresh fruit basket, you will have that tasty strain.

Medicinal Uses

Grape Ape may also be used to assist patients suffering from restlessness and sleeplessness. This soft but hefty Indica can even slumber an ape and add its proper name.

Tabbling a bit of this bud will make you sleepy and take you to a pleasant and rejuvenating sleeping night.

Side Effects

The adverse effects of Grape Ape are rather small. Due to its strength and its potential to be a potent calmer, mild dizziness and headaches might occur. In very uncommon situations there may be a minor paranoia.

It might lead to a sense that it is severely dehydrated because of a dry eye and dry mouth. The primary negatives to this strain.

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