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Purple Diesel


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Purple Diesel is a sativa dominant hybrid of  Purple Kush and a Sour Diesel inbred strain. It gets its name from purple blooms that are covered with a thick layer of crystals, and the Sativa-dominant hybrid often smells like fuel and lavender. The strain is renowned for creating an intense body buzz that allows the user to go about their day. It has similar flavours that start off fruity and soon taste like straight diesel. Purple Diesel

This strain provides a great way to get relief from chronic aches and pains through the day. Stress, anxiety, and despair can all benefit from the uplifting benefits. A minor amount of user’s were observed to suffer from cotton mouth and loss of appetite upon usage of this strain.  It’s moderate THC content makes is a favorite for both medical and recreational usage. All in all there is a lot of fun to be had with this strain. To go back to our extensive library click here!


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