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Top Quality Bruce Banner


 Bruce Banner is the first strain to ever record a mark of 30% THC! Bruce is a mentally stimulating and pain-relieving stud. The effects start by taking place in the mind, beginning with an onset wave of euphoria. As the euphoria grows, anxiety disintegrates, followed by a healthy dose of self-confidence and happiness.

As with strains this potent, the high isn’t only in mind, but the body as well, but numbs the nerves, relieving users from pain and discomfort.

THC 30%





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High Quality Bruce Banner

Top Quality Bruce Banner


Top Quality Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner is one of three phynotypes hybrids produced from crossing OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel.
It Is has a pungent citrus smell. High Quality Bruce Banner buds are high in THC content and as such. It produces a relaxing high with some painkilling effects. Due to this high THC content Bruce Banner may also be used for treating stress and anxiety.

It is sometimes also known as the green monster. Going by the name it is easy to decipher that it shares the same name with the powerful Hulk. And just like our favorite comic marvel super hero Hulk, Bruce banner is one powerful and potent strain.This strain has a high THC content. It hits quickly and then finally settles in a euphoric, relaxing  and creative buzz.

In our strive to produce only the best strains we use nothing but the best starting material.
This is in accordance with our slogan “Great in = Great out”. It cummulates in us realizing top quality produce for our customers. This in ensured through third party testing by skilled canntest laboratory technicians.
As such we strive for our products to not only meet state standards but to beat them.

THC 30%

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