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white super skunk strain


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White Super Skunk Strain Flavor

White Super Skunk Strain. When it comes to flavors, white super skunk strain tastes unexpectedly delicious and sweet, contrary to what its aroma suggests. Super Skunk also has earthy and citrus undertones, all while retaining the characteristic “skunkiness” that it is known and adored for.


 THC: 20%

What are the origins of the Super Skunk strain?

Super Skunk was created from a cross between Skunk #1 Vs. Afghani.

Medicinal Uses

With what conditions does it work?
Because of its strong relaxing characteristics, Super Skunk has proven to medically benefit patients who suffer from high levels of stress and body pain caused by the inability to physically unwind.

Patients who suffer from insomnia, depression and anxiety are known to benefit from the use of Super Skunk. This makes itself the perfect alternative to synthetic prescription medication, which can cause an array of side effects.

Side Effects super Skunk Strain

Because of its body-heavy impact, Super Skunk can produce dry mouth and bloodshot eyes, as well as moderate paranoia and transitory hallucinations in more extreme situations.

Nervousness and anxiety have also been reported in certain cases. Due to the “clear head” effects of Super Skunk, patients may feel puzzled by the slowing impact it has on their bodies while their minds and ideas remain active.

Super Skunk may induce  “munchies” , causing a significant spike in hunger and a lack of fullness. This, however, is completely subjective, considering that Super Skunk is also used to treat severe lack of appetite specially in cancer patients.

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