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West Coast Cure’s Around


Discover the Elite Selection: West Coast Cure’s Around The World CUREjoint 3-Pack

Discover the Elite Selection: West Coast Cure’s Around The World CUREjoint 3-Pack


Experience the epitome of sophistication with West Coast Cure’s Around The World CUREjoint 3-Pack, exclusively available at Cloud Legends 420. Crafted for those living life in the fast lane, this collection is perfect for the modern globetrotter.

A Trio of Exquisite Flavors and Effects

Diverse Strains for Every Moment

Indulge in a trio of meticulously curated joints: Medellin, London Pound Cake, and Foreign Glue. Each gram offers a unique flavor profile and effect, catering to various preferences and occasions.

Medellin CUREjoint: Relaxation in Every Puff

Unwind with the Medellin CUREjoint, boasting a Gassy Chem D flavor and a vanilla-diesel aroma. This joint promises a physically relaxing experience, ideal for those quiet evenings.

London Pound Cake CUREjoint: Uplift Your Spirits

Elevate your mood with the London Pound Cake CUREjoint, featuring notes of lemon, berry, and nuttiness. Its lemon-vanilla aroma uplifts the mind while providing a surge of physical energy.

Foreign Glue CUREjoint: Harmony of Mind and Body


Find balance with the Foreign Glue CUREjoint, characterized by its skunk and earth flavors and gassy aroma. This joint offers both mental and physical relaxation, perfect for unwinding anytime.

Choose Your Pace: Fast Lane or Slow-Mo

Whether you’re navigating life in the fast lane or savoring moments in slow-motion, the Around The World CUREjoint 3-Pack empowers you to tailor your experience to suit your lifestyle. Check out our Buybuds Collection here!


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