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Super Silver Lemon Haze is a citrus flavored sativa dominant hybrid of lemon skunk and super silver haze. The nugs of this lemon haze are very sticky, and are significantly denser  than that of other  Hazes. The smell is citrusy and a little sweet. As for the taste it is exactly what you would expect sweet like lemon candy. But it is not quite as sharp as expected. The effects are lively and energetic

This strain is a very potent strain and derives its powerful aroma from its parents. Lemon Haze is thus an asset to both Sativa and Indica fans alike. The strain offers an intense high which may only reveal its effect after a few minutes. The strain hits this  results in a memory distortion which is  accompanied by mood improvement  thus making this Kush an ideal strain  for management of stress

This strain has a few applications in medicine. Its positive mental affect come in to off set depression and moderate stress. Also it can be used to relieve pains be it nerve related or temporal. If you are  searching for a dense sticky sweet flavored strain to help you smoke away your worries. Or may be you just need some bud for recreational purposes like having fun with some close friends. Look no further. Lemon Haze from buybuds is an absolute great choice! Click here for more options

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