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Rockstar OG


Rockstar OG is a living rockstar among strains, a hybrid of Rockstar and OG Kush. The result a hybrid capable of knocking even the most seasoned smokers off their feet.

THC 16%

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Order Quality Rockstar OG has an earthy flavor with a hint of citrus detected on the exhale.Medically Rockstar OG is used to deliver potent pain relief . Rockstar OG’s high euphoric profile makes it suitable for managing depression, stress and anxiety. Consumers have observed that it helps them sleep better making it suitable for treating mild to moderate insomnia. Order Quality Rockstar OG with us at buybuds online for the most competitive prices in the market.

Some unwanted effects of this strain include the  paranoia. Rostar OG consumption depends on the intended activity and a users tolerance.

In accordance with our motto “Great in = Great out”. We endeavor to produce only  top quality produce for our customers. This in ensured through third party testing by skilled Canntest Laboratory Technicians.
At buybuds online we do not just strive to meet state standards. We aim to surpass them.


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