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Vanilla Kush-Budget Ounce (28grams)-$100

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Vanilla Kush Strain 

Vanilla Kush Cream Soda Strain is an Indica dominant strain. It hails from Kashmir, India. The hash plant was created by crossing Afghan Kush with an unknown Afghan strain, and it was given the name Vanilla Kush because of its sweet flavor and aroma.

This strain, which came in second place in the 2009 Cannabis Cup, has been tested at more than 20% THC. This strain is one that is heavier on the body than on the mind. Order Vanilla kush Online

Vanilla Kush has the ability to lull users to sleep and sink them into the couch. Even so, the strain is very relaxing to the mind and may even provoke thought. These side effects can last for up to two hours, so users with a low tolerance should be cautious.Vanilla Kush Cream Soda Strain

Most patients will be able to overcome the couch-lock that this strain may attempt to induce, making it ideal for daytime pain relief. Vanilla Kush may aid in the treatment of depression and other mood disorders. Others will seek it out for its other bodily effects, which could aid in the treatment of insomnia, arthritis, and nausea.  This makes the strain suitable for both day time and anight tiime use. To go back to our extensive strain collection click here!


2 reviews for Vanilla Kush-Budget Ounce (28grams)-$100

  1. Hans Thom

    Wow this one was fast acting and definitely not for beginners. I’m an experienced smoker this shit almost knocked me the fuck out. Slight hint of vanilla and citrus flavour on the exhale. The costumer service wasn’t bad either. Definitely thumps up

  2. Mendez E.

    Earthy pine smell with a mellow high. There’s no better way to have a good time. This is definitely a must try

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