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Strawberry Cough Strain


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Origin Of Strawberry Cough Strain

Strawberry Cough Strain Price. Strawberry Cough strain is a sativa hybrid with a strong flavor profile. Its distinct strawberry flavor is the consequence of cannabis pioneer Kyle Kushman’s crossbreeding. The 2013 Cannabis Cup awarded it the title of Best Flower for its outstanding buds. This fruity and light strain is a productive and uplifting smoke that can be enjoyed in a number of contexts. Strawberry Cough strain is a hybrid between Strawberry Fields and the classic Haze. This strain’s THC content ranges from 15% to 20% on average. Strawberry Cough was tested by Emerald Cannabis Worx and found to have a record high of 22.98 percent THC in 2018.¬†Strawberry Cough Strain Price


Strawberry Cough hits your tongue sweetly right away, and the flavor lingers, leaving a delightful berry aftertaste.

The smoke’s earthy-spicy flavor will remain in your tongue, along with a distinct sweet presence that will remind you of strawberries.

Medicinal Uses

The most effective use of Strawberry Cough is in the treatment of stress. This strain can help you calm your mind and slow down your thoughts, making it easier to focus on the activities at hand without becoming distracted by tension. It has significant focus-inducing qualities, making it ideal for people suffering from ADD and ADHD, as well as other mental health concerns. Strawberry Cough is effective in treating depression because it promotes relaxation and positive thinking. Strawberry Cough Strain Price

Adverse Effects Strawberry Cough Strain 

Strawberry Cough has the potential to be more strong, but it typically stays within the lines and is a rather pleasant strain.

Its initial impact is to make you cough since it causes a powerful tingling feeling in your throat when you smoke it. Strawberry Cough, on the other hand, becomes more than delightful once the acute impact wears off. Strawberry Cough Strain Price

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