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Royal Cherry Diesel


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royal cherry diesel strain Description and Origin

Royal Cherry Diesel is a highly powerful hybrid strain that produces a buzzy, uplifting high as well as sensations of pleasure and relaxation.Cherry Diesel is a unique balanced hybrid strain (50 percent Indica/50 percent Sativa) that was produced by crossing the legendary Cherry OG X Turbo Diesel strains. Cherry Diesel has a wonderful flavor and a well-balanced high that is ideal for any hybrid enthusiast who wants to get up and get started on their day. The Cherry Diesel taste is exactly what its name implies – cherry and diesel! As the nugs are broken up and burnt, the scent maintains the same character, with spicy pungent berries and rich pungent diesel with a hint of herbs and soil.


Royal Cherry Diesel tastes just how it smells. The initial draw may indicate why it is so well-known. Along with blueberry and strawberry, there’s a distinct cherry flavor on the tongue. Surprisingly, the taste of harsh diesel compliments the sweet, fruity flavor.

While this flavor would be unpleasant on its own, it pairs well with the fruity, sweet flavor. There are hints of vanilla as well as a tart, lemony zest. Users may detect a flavor of soil that wraps up the exhalation.

Medicinal Uses

Royal Cherry Diesel  is used to treat and control stress and anxiety issues. It is said to decrease stress while also increasing energy, attention, and focus. It is not frequently used for sleep or to control sleeping patterns, although it has been linked to a reduction in depressive symptoms, which may contribute to improved sleep.

Side Effects

There are a few disadvantages to Royal Cherry Diesel’s high THC levels. This strain’s side effects may include dry mouth, paranoia, and headaches. Other possible adverse effects include dry eyes and disorientation.

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