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Purple Midnight Strain


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Purple Midnight Strain Origin

This upcoming strain is most likely descended from Mendocino Purps. Purple midnight was created in the 1980s by Northern California breeders. This strong, balanced combination contains up to 21% THC and is as potent as you’d anticipate. Users enjoy the delicious berry flavor and the euphoric cerebral impact.


It offers a more varied taste pallet than its predecessor. On the inhale, this hybrid tastes like sweet cherries and grapes and is creamy, and on the exhale, its smoke changes into an earthy lemon blended with crisp pine.

Medicinal Uses

It has the potential to improve the lives of many individuals suffering from chronic and debilitating illnesses. This strain can help those who are struggling to manage chronic pain by alleviating muscle spasms, cramps, and migraines.
This potent strain can also aid to treat mood-related problems. Purple Midnight Strain is an Indica dominating strain that is also a highly good-mood smoke, helping chronic stress patients to relax and think more clearly and with less fear.

Side Effects

Purple Midnight Strain has certain side effects that might intensify with greater doses, therefore it is best for beginners to stick to the amount they are used to. This strain is quite likely to dehydrate you, with a dry cotton-mouthed sensation being the usual.

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