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White Runtz


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Buy White Runtz Weed (Description)

Buy White Runtz Weed Are you interested in ice cream? You will absolutely adore white runtz weed. The uncommon strain comes from the region of the Bay. It’s a creamy, fruity and sweet strain that is noted for its strong creative head. This is the best way to spend a long afternoon creating or enjoying a peaceful body buzz with friends.


The flavor of White Runtz is quite similar to the aroma, and the fruity tropical characteristics are more emphasized. Smoking the strain features an easy smoking creamy finish, and a strongly earthy exhalation.

Adverse Effects White Runtz Weed

Adverse effects of White Runtz stress include dry mouth or eyes, swelling, or headache when heavy wears out. Only apply this strain in physically familiar areas because of the risk for dizziness. Anxiety and paranoia, which may arise when smoking this white Runtz too rapidly because of the high THC content, are other rare unpleasant effects.

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