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Blue Fin Shatter


Quality Blue Fin Shatter
Quality Blue Fin Shatter

Shatter is a concentrated form of marijuana designed to be vaporized (vaped). A solvent such as butane is filtered through a tube which contains the marijuana strain. This solvent strips THC off of the plants . This mixture is then left for butane to evaporate. This leaves behind Quality Blue Fin Shatter, a  sticky residue which is high in THC concentrations.

Due to the high THC concentration of shatter it has large recreational use for experience users. Medicinally Shatter is used for managing/treating conditions such as anxiety, depression and pain. Due to the very high concentrations of THC shatter can be very dangerous. Inexperience users must approach with caution. Some users may experience paranoia or light headedness, increased anxiety, changes in sensory perception, or poor memory

At buybuds online our motto is “quality in quality out”. As such we strive for our products to not only meet state standards but to beat them. This is absolutely ensured via third party testing  by skilled Canntest Laboratory Technicians

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