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Durban Poison Live Resin

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Order Durban Poison Online
Order Durban Poison Online


Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain which originated from the port city of Durban in South Africa. This strain  has a strong flavour and a near-espresso effect. This  makes it common among consumers who love distinct or energetic effects. Because Durban poison is energetic, it is popularly  consumed as a day strain or even as a morning strain. This is so because it enables its consumers to be productive and/or active. When you order Durban Poison Online  from us, one thing is certain. You are sure to come back because of the high levels of THC and significant terpene profile contained in our produce.

In order to capture the terpenes, extraction begins as soon as the plants are harvested. In our endeavor to produce the best Durban Poison live resin for our customers we use only the best starting material . Inevitably our final product is always top quality. When it comes to making concentrates we have a slogan“Great in = Great out”

We see to it that our products meet state standards. This in ensured through third party testing by skilled canntest laboratory technicians

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