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High Voltage Extracts (Live Hash Rosin Refill Cartridge )


Made from BC craft flower, flash frozen immediately after harvest to preserve the most delicate terpenes. Enjoy the full profile of the living flower. 100% Solvent free!

Crafted with Care

High Voltage Live Hash Rosin begins with the careful selection of BC craft flower, chosen for its quality and potency. This premium cannabis concentrate is crafted with utmost attention to detail, ensuring that only the finest flower is used in the extraction process. Live Hash Rosin Refill Cartridge

Preserving Terpene Delicacy

Immediately after harvest, the selected flower is flash frozen to preserve its delicate terpenes. This rapid freezing process locks in the aromatic compounds, ensuring that the full spectrum of flavors and aromas is retained throughout the extraction process.

Meticulous Extraction

The extraction process begins with the flash-frozen flower, which undergoes a meticulous process to extract the live hash rosin. This involves pressing the frozen material to extract the resinous trichomes while preserving the integrity of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Cold Curing for Enhanced Flavor

Once extracted, the live hash rosin is cold-cured for thirty days. This extended curing period allows the concentrate to develop its flavors and aromas further, resulting in a smoother and more potent final product.

Hand-Whipped to Perfection

After curing, the live hash rosin is hand-whipped to perfection. This manual process ensures a consistent texture and maximizes the terpene content, providing consumers with a premium concentrate that captures the essence of the original flower.

Solvent-Free Assurance

High Voltage Live Hash Rosin( Live Hash Rosin Refill Cartridge) is 100% solvent-free. No harmful chemicals are used in the extraction process, guaranteeing a pure and natural product for consumers to enjoy without any compromise on quality or safety. To contiue browsing our new products click here!

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