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Grand Daddy Purple Genetics and History

Breeder Ken Estes initially created this indica-dominant hybrid in Northern California in 2003. This strain looks a lot like Grape Ape, another cannabis strain, and legend has it that the two are related.  Purple Urkle and Big Bud, two famous Indica strains, were crossed to create the Grand Daddy Purple!

Granddaddy Purple is a strong indica strain that is not for the faint of heart. It’s a popular choice for people looking for a heavy body stone because it’s commonly utilized as a strong knock-me-out. Its buds are also recognized for having a distinctively attractive appearance in nature, with a purple tint combined with red hairs and some crystallization.


Grand Daddy Purple tastes like grapes and berries, just how it smells. It smells like an earthy pine combined with the sweetness of citrus fruits. Its exhale has also been compared to that of a grape Popsicle, as per some.

Medicinal Uses

Grand Daddy Purple is often used by individuals who have inconsistent sleep habits since it has the capacity to calm both the mind and body, allowing for a peaceful night’s sleep. It is frequently used to combat anxiety and depression by alleviating the mind of its anxieties.

It has also been shown to assist cancer patients overcome nausea caused by radiation and chemotherapy. This makes it a crucial component in regaining appetite in those who are on medication or have anorexia nervosa.

Adverse Effects

Dehydration and the impression of a dry mouth and eyes are two of the rare adverse effects of Grand Daddy Purple that have been documented. Mild instances of dizziness and, on rare occasions, psychosis are other negative effects of GDP. Some people have reported that it gives them a minor but lasting headache. Click here to continue browsing.



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