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Buy Atarax Without a Prescription


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Hydroxyzine, popularly known as Atarax, is an antihistamine medication. It works by preventing the body from producing histamine during allergic responses. Atarax is most commonly recommended by doctors to alleviate itching caused by allergies or anxiety. As a result, it relieves tension and anxiety-related psychoneurosis. Atarax can be used as a sedative or as part of a general anesthetic.

Taking Atarax

Atarax comes as pills which may be taken orally with or without food as directed by your physician. It may be provided in liquid form in which case in which case the dosage must be properly measured with a spoon or with the measuring device provided

Effects of Atarax

Atarax shows mild side effects which turn to be transitory and as such disappear a few doses/days into treatment. Side effects include but are not limited to  drowsiness, involuntary motor activity such as convulsion. Doses are based on age and condition of the patient but may also be based on the weight if the patient is a child. Do not increase increase your dose without the consent of a physician.

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