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Platinum Kush is a renowned indica-dominant hybrid¬† produced from OG Kush genetics and has the distinct aroma of its parent strain. Buy Bud Online’s triple platinum og kush provides a great blend of cerebral clarity and deep relaxation to users. Analytical 360, a cannabis testing company, estimated the THC level to be between 13 and 17 percent.

triple platinum og kush leaves are a pale sea green, and the spade-like blooms feature the densely packed structure frequently associated with other indica-dominant cultivars. Platinum Kush has a very sweet, skunky aroma with a fermented undertone. The perfume has an earthy, musky undertone that keeps it authentic and grounded. These thick blossoms have a tangy odour that reminds me of ripe cheese when mashed up or broken open. When these powerful odours are combined in a pipe or a joint, they produce a thick, unpleasant smoke that can cause coughing and wet eyes. On the exhale, Platinum Kush’s smoke is both sweet and bitter. To continue browsing our extensive shop collection click here!


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