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Jack The Ripper Pre-Rolls 5-Pack x 0.75g


5 Premium Handcrafted 1 1/4 Size Cones, each comprising around 0.75g  Hybrid

Per pack, there is a total of 3.75 grams of flower.

In our pre-rolls, we exclusively utilize 100% flower.


jack the ripper strain

Jack the Ripper has a sativa/indica ratio is 70:30, the high is mostly centered on the head. Dry mouth and red eyes are common problems, and delusion is also a possibility. Other negative impacts are negligible. This strain is likely to be found on the West Coast, in Colorado, and in Michigan. It’s more difficult to get by elsewhere, although it’s rather popular across the country. To continue browsing our extensive strain collection click here!

70 percent Sativa Dominant Hybrid 30 percent sativa Indica
THC ranges from 15% to 20%.


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