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High quality Bubba Kush has scary high potency. Bubba kush brings with it  huge tranquilizing effects. Its euphoric effects make it suitable for crushing stress. The sweet hashish flavors of this flower along with subtle notes of coffee come through during the exhale. Learn more!   . Bubba Kush is one of the oldest strains from back in the day. Its origins are a bit of a mystery. Regardless of its lineage, the potency of the strain has kept its name relevant through the ages. Smoking the strain via joint or bong expresses a strong, pungent, citrusy flavour and hints of pepper. It’s not the easiest of smoke for beginners, but the effects far outweigh a small coughing fit or two. When it comes to hyper punching power, most strains pale in comparison to Bubba Kush.

High quality bubba kush pulls its weight in the euphoric department. Laughing fits are common, as are endless conversations with your best friends. As the high comes to a close, so too do your eyelids. Bubba Kush is relatively easy to grow and as such is usually recommended for newcomers to cannabis growing. The strain shows good growth both indoor and outdoor. For more options click here  

THC 19%

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