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Moonrocks– Half Pound 1500

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 quality moonrock
quality moonrock


Moonrocks are the latest innovation in the cannabis industry. Even seasoned consumers report that it packs a pretty heavy punch. Moonrock were first created by Dr. Zodiak and Kurupt by socking sizeable buds in hash oil. Then subsequently rolling them in kief. Generally quality Moonrock can be prepared from any marijuana strain. Sour Diesel is however the preferred starting material thanks to its combination of psychoactive and acrid flavours.

It burns slowly thanks to high content of combustible material. Its flavor is a mix of skunky Sour Diesel and distinct incense-like notes from hash oil. Moonrock  is a delicacy which produces a strong multidimensional high. Opportune consumers report its strong cerebral  edge thanks to the high sour diesel genetics in this strain. Due to its combination of physical and mental effects, Sour Diesel may be used by both recreational and medical users. Also because of the extensive psychoactive chemical content of Moonrock it can either be mind expanding, euphoric and psychedelic which is suitable for recreational use or numbing and therapeutic in medicinal use.

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THC: 19%

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